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Katekista Book Caravan (KBC)

Selected Messages from Book Recipients

Sr. Feliza M. Tumangday, MSLT

Missionary Sisters of the Lord's Table

July 9, 2022

070922 Sr. Feliza M. Tumangday, MSLT_Missionary Sisters of the Lord's Table.png

Delia A. Evangelio

Diocese of San Jose, Antique -
Diocesan Catechetical Coordinator

July 9, 2022

070922 Delia A. Evangelio_Diocese of San Jose, Antique - Diocesan Catechetical Coord.png

Most Rev. Florentino G. Lavarias, DD

Archbishop, Archdiocese of San Fernando

June 23, 2022

062322 Most Rev. Florentino G. Lavarias, DD_Archdiocese of San Fernando.png

Fr. Noel Paguinto

Diocese of Tarlac

June 23, 2022

062322 Fr. Noel Paguinto_Diocese of Tarlac.png

Froilan A. Alipao

University of Santo Tomas

June 13, 2022

061322 Froilan A. Alipao_UST-AB-Simbahayan.png

Lucia De Belen

Book Recipient

July 9, 2022

070922 Lucia De Belen.png

Rev. Fr. Gerald A. Cortes

Catechetical Modules Contributor

June 23, 2022

062322 Rev. Fr. Gerald A. Cortes_CM Contributor.png

John Arga

Diocese of Iba

June 23, 2022

062322 John Arga_Diocese of Iba.png

Louie Benedict R. Ignacio

University of Santo Tomas
Department of Soicology

June 13, 2022

061322 Louie Benedict R. Ignacio_UST-AB-Department of Sociology.png

Fr. Enrico Emmanuel A. Ayo

San Carlos Seminary

June 7, 2022

060722 Fr. Enrico Emmanuel A. Ayo_San Carlos Seminary.png
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