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A Handbook on Being, Becoming, & Belonging
to A Catechetical Ministry in the Philippines

Katekista In Manus Tuas
(In Your Hands):

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The celebration of the 500 Years of Christianity (YOC) in the Philippines in 2021 provided an opportunity to revisit the state of the Catechetical Ministry (CM) in the country. Examination of catechetical human resources (CHR) emphasize the vital role of the catechists and other volunteers in each catechetical center in delivering catechetical instructions to the young, adults, and elderly in our Catholic communities.


This handbook identifies the six salient dimensions of Catechetical Human Resources as guide to Catechetical Ministry engagement. These dimensions are: 1) Recruitment & Selection; 2) Formation; 3) Apostolic Monitoring, Assessment, & Feedback; 4) Welfare & Wellness; 5) Relations & Concerns; and, 6) Catechetical Planning, Documentation, & Research.

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